Trailers & Videos

In this page, I have included a selection of Glee videos including performances and trailers to season one and two.

This is a trailer for season one

Season one was a complete success, now here are a few of the shows most popular performances from this series.

I will begin this thread of performance videos with their biggest hit, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

Now wasn’t that spectacular! Now I’m going to show you a very moving, emotional performance from the episode “Hairogrophy” of the club singing Lennon’s “Imagine” with deaf students.

Inspiring. Now here’s something different for you Gleeks! Mash-ups!

Mr. Schuester set the girls against the boys to acquire their own taste of competition, let’s see how they get on in the next two videos.

Who’s performance was better? Feel free to leave your feedback below.
I will now show you a number from the sensational “Power of Madonna” episode.

I will now show you a performance from another star-based episode “Theatricality” inspired by Lady GaGa! let’s hear it for Bad Romance

Fab, who else loves Rachel’s outfit? 😉 now I will show you a couple of EXCLUSIVE live performances.
Here’s the cast performing “Don’t Stop Believing” on our very own X Factor live show, enjoy!

Fantastic! Finally, I will show you a performance of the Glee cast singing the USA national anthem at the World Series 2009 Game 3 of Baseball in the Citizens Bank Park on October 31.


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