For the most part, Glee is a comic show about musical theatre as well as being a drama. The music is diegetic and has to resort to farcical situations, for example, the “Single Ladies” dance.
The world of glee is constructed as a typical American high school, particularly aimed at outcasts (the show choir) and the ‘popular kids’ (football jocks and cheerleaders). However, the drama focuses on representations such as sexuality, gender, disability, race and age; there is also an equal focus on the adult life on the teachers with momentous involvement in the text.
This show gives us an insight into the backgrounds and family lives of some of the kids and teachers.
I believe that there is a significant use of realism in this text, as it depicts the behaviour of certain characters, I will now talk about the relationships between them and state which stereotypes they fit in to.
The main characters are all varied from one another, but are split into who is popular and who isn’t. One thing they all share is their love for performing.

We have Finn, Quinn and Puck who are all popular and don’t like to admit their involvement with the club, however, there are two sides to every story and even they are facing individual problems. Quinn soon becomes pregnant, and she has to hide this from her parents and Sue Sylvester. She also has Finn convinced that he is the father; however, his best friend Puck is the real father.
This causes problems for Puck and Finn, their friendship, and involvement with Quinn and the baby.
The other members of Glee have a tight bond between them, apart from Rachel who appears to be merely self involved, and not particularly liked by the others due to her dominant decisions and the fact she always gets lead role. Rachel doesn’t know her mother and lives with two gay fathers which appears a struggle at times. Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie all share a close bond, whilst being so different from one another.
Tina has problems with coming out of her shell and her identity and choice of attire is questioned, she is often also described as the Asian (there is also another male Asian character in the show who is often partnered with her and referred to as ‘other Asian’) which is an act of humour that could offend audiences of the same culture. Artie is in a wheelchair due to a car accident he was involved with when he was younger; having a wheelchair user in the show is a clever act of anti-discrimination by the producers. This could send subliminal messages to disabled audience members that you don’t have to be able-bodied to be in a show choir; for example, there is a particular episode where the members perform as a unit in wheelchairs with choreography.

Tina and Artie become fond of each other and start dating, this also states that anyone can ‘find love’, even that of the disabled.
Kurt is homosexual and harbours a crush on Finn. He tries to hide his sexuality from his r, which is also a common teenage issue in which teens going through the same situation can gain guidance as to how to “come out of the closet” to their loved ones.
Kurt and Finn have one thing in common besides their fascination with singing, both are an only child to a one parent family and Kurt sets his dad up with Finns mum as an action of living with Finn and being closer to him, but this causes further issues, especially when Kurt’s dad spends more time with Finn.
Rachel and Puck are both Jewish and decide to get together but it doesn’t work out for them, as Rachel still has feelings for Finn and Puck has feelings for Quinn. This also targets love-related issues that teenagers face as well as a depiction of religion, in which teenagers often find hard to fit in when they follow certain beliefs.
Quinn knows that there is some connection between Finn and Rachel and can’t stand it. She sees Rachel as geeky and unattractive due to her choice of attire, there are many problems between them caused.
Quinn, Santana and Brittany have been ordered by Sue Sylvester to take the club down, so they decide to attack the members emotionally one by one. Mercedes and Kurt are very close, so the cheerleaders convince her that she is in for a chance of dating Kurt, as they can tell that he’s gay but Mercedes doesn’t know.
Puck is a bully, he absolutely relishes the idea of causing fear and intimidation to others and since getting his ‘Mohawk’ shaved off he loses that factor and people are no longer scared. He takes desperate measures in order to regain his popularity, and notices Mercedes becoming quite popular since joining the Cheerio’s (another trick of Sue’s to take down glee), so he becomes involved with her. Pucks image is a code, the Mohawk being the signifier, and the power it brings him being the signified.
Rachel and Finn are always in the limelight, so Sue offers Kurt and Mercedes a chance to join the Cheerio’s and sing during their performances so they acquire the attention they’re after, this causes them to quit the club and New Directions is critically in jeopardy.
When Mercedes is forced to lose ten pounds in a week, her motivation towards the involvement with the Cheerio’s is looking dim, and she is forced to starve herself. In the next football game, she performs Beautiful by Christina Aguilera which states that she is content with how she is and it encourages audiences feeling any kind of insecurity that they too are beautiful regardless.
The shows focus on the adult characters and their stories helps broaden to an array of audiences including adults from ages 20-50.
Will is having marriage problems since his wife has a miscarriage and resorts to faking her own pregnancy. This is due to allegations from Sue Sylvester that he has feelings for Emma, which is evident in the time they spend together during school hours. Sue will do anything to impair Will’s life since he started up New Directions, as the glee club fund is taken from her Cheerio’s budget.
The grown-ups aren’t that different from the teenagers and they often bring the most comedy into the series. There are significant employments of adult humour and guest stars that adults would be interested in, which include; Josh Groban, Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John.
I will now conclude my deconstruction by informing you that there are no heroes or villains in this award-winning show, it is an honest text and very much based on real life situations. You may think Sue Sylvester is nothing but a big bully, but she too has a heart. In the first series we see her having man troubles which is an indication that she is lonely; this is the reason for her behaviour, also we see her reading to and caring for her disabled sister.
I believe that Glee is fantastically written and obstructed. People should give it a chance, as it is so much more than just a show about singing; however, they sing and perform an eclectic range of genres with much talent and delivery.


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